Matsudo Pool Corporation was founded in early 2020 is a company engaged in the field of the first lottery game in the Japan. Where the company is 100% owned by the central government of the Japan with the aim of becoming a means of channeling the desire to play the lottery to the general public legally.

It is expected to reduce the rise of illegal gambling that is disturbing the public and has a negative impact on social security.

Matsudo Pool can only be purchased by the people of Japan with a minimum age of 21 years or older and are not for foreign nationals (except permanent residents and expatriates).

50% net profit obtained by Matsudo Pool will be used to run a humanitarian campaign overseen by an independent agency formed by the central government with the aim of having a direct impact on the people of Japan, while the remaining 50% will be deposited into the state treasury.

We appreciate every purchase of Matsudo Pool tickets through official outlets or our official partners because this has indirectly helped the government's efforts to eradicate illegal gambling facilities.

Based on the company's blueprint set when the Matsudo Pool Corporation was established, the humanitarian campaign to be referred to above will be channeled through the Matsudo Pool Foundation with programs determined to include:

Free health services to the underprivileged, Underprivileged scholarships and achievement scholarships, benefits to orphanages and nursing homes, free training programs for persons with disabilities, nonprofit organizations' contributions to health, education and sports also nature conservation programs

We also provide emergency funds for which the allocation is used for humanitarian assistance in the event of a major natural or humanitarian disaster.

Matsudo Pool is an official lottery product and can be legally licensed by the Japan government. Every result displayed on this site is the official result of livedraw held by Matsudo Pool Corporation

The livedraw process is randomly and under the supervision of an independent institution to guarantee credibility and fair play.

Any winning ticket that is damaged or obtained from an illegal outlet / institution is invalid

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