Matsudo Pool is a lottery product that aims as a lottery betting field for the general public to try their luck.

It is hoped that the players do not obsess to get rich overnight by playing in Matsudo Pool, please place a bet with full responsibility. Do not disturb your life and finances, allocate only a small portion of your income to place bets. The purpose of the lottery game is to give pleasure.

If you feel your life has been disrupted because of obsession with various gambling games both legal and illegal, immediately contact the organization #stopgambling or #MatsudoPoolcare.

Enjoy playing and good luck to you.

Matsudo Pool is an official lottery product and can be legally licensed by the Japan government. Every result displayed on this site is the official result of livedraw held by Matsudo Pool Corporation

The livedraw process is randomly and under the supervision of an independent institution to guarantee credibility and fair play.

Any winning ticket that is damaged or obtained from an illegal outlet / institution is invalid

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